Meet The Team
  1. Manager
    Mr. ROK
    Our Commander and Chief!
  2. Shot Caller
    Olivia Kennedy
    Hello, I am the Dispatch Manager at ROK! I have enjoyed my time here growing in the Rideshare Dispatch Industry. I am here to answer all your questions for dispatch.
  3. Ethics Advisory Board
    Suhyallah S.
    I am the Ethics Adviser here at ROK Services. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.
About Us
ROK Services Transportation Division is an exciting new ridesharing app serving the Tampa Bay Area. ROK Services is based out of South Tampa and launched in mid 2016. We look forward to providing service fully in mid summer 2017. As a whole we define ourselves by our uniques care for and attention to the enviornment coupled with our unprecedented focus on the saftey and happiness of our drivers and riders. Our dedication to these fronts is unparalleled in the current rideshare industry. Our ultimate goal is to change the rideshare industry as we know it. Making it more people-centric and focused on providing a lifting experience to real human beings.

Our Mission is to provide a safe mode of travel to move the world one drive experience at a time. Our dream is to create a fun, positive, and encouraging environment wherepeople can travel seamlessly from one place to another in a safemanner. At ROK; this dream becomes a reality! We want to serve as an eco-friendly ridesharein Tampa that offers safe rides. You can help this dream come true!

Our Vision is to deliever the real time moving of people with lower transpot costs and fuel usage.
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ROK is now on TaxiTapp. Download TaxiTapp on Google Play and on your Apple Stores today. App available on Android and IOS.
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Happy Customers
The ROK has the best Dispatch team ever! Olivia was super understanding and fixed my situation within a reasonable amount of time over the phone. I explained I had to be at work everyday at a certian time and to help me save money I was offered the Solid pass. I am glad I went ahead and bought it. I have bought two passes and next month will do it again. The ROK has the best Drivers and Plans. I couldn't ask for more.
Precious M.
My driver Ryan K. was awesome! He was on time. Got me to work safely and even early! He was very polite and understanding. I am glad to have found ROK when I did. I'd reccommend this company to everyone I know in need of a decent ride.
Kelly R.
ROK is the BEST rideshare company I've come accross. I used to use uber until I looked on Craigslist and found them. They are inexpensive, polite, and they don't break the bank. They worked with me my first three rides and now I call on them whenever I need to go somewhere. I even started using their Gravel pass for the weekend to Ybor. My Designated Driver is The ROK!
Calvin C.
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24/7 Dispatch : 813-998-7729
Customer Support: 813-703-4855
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